Bird Nest


Bird Nest protective agents are arranged at the top of the reactor packing. Their major functions are: Filtering the impurities (including inert impurities and active impurities. The inert impurities mainly are gelatins, carbon particulates, silicon particulates, Iron Sulfide and so on; the active impurities mainly are oil soluble organic metal compounds, such as Calcium Naphthenate and Iron Naphthenate. The substances after they are decomposed will react with Sulfur or Sulfur dioxide to generate sulfide and sulfate. They are commonly known as metal or heavy metal impurities in refining industry, eg Ca, Fe, Ti, Ni, V, Mg and so on). Bird Nest protective agents are able to filter the impurities very effectively with the great specific surface area, unique triangle design and highly dense grids. Bird Nest protective agents can be distributed in the reactor with different Bird Nest hole sizes depending on impurity types. The purpose is to maximize the use of bed void and to reach the best filtering efficiency. The empirical data in the plants proved that Bird Nest filtering efficiency can be over 95%.

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